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    Cape Clear Software today announced that it has officially become a J2EE licensee. Cape Clear recently acquired Orbware Software the makers of the J2EE Orcas Enterprise Server. Cape clear is marketing their App Server as both J2EE server and a Web services platform. They have a tool, which can make EJB objects automatically accessible through SOAP.

    Press Release
    Cape Clear Products to Provide Strong Support for XML and JavaTM 2 Platform

    [20 March 2001, Dublin] Cape Clear Software Ltd. today announced that it has officially become a licensee of the JavaTM 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) from Sun Microsystems, Inc. This follows Cape Clear's recently completed acquisition of Orbware Software Ltd., developers of the J2EE technology-based OrcasTM Enterprise Server.

    "We are pleased to welcome Cape Clear as a J2EE technology licensee," said Ralph Galantine, Product Line Manager for J2EE at Sun Microsystems Inc. "Java technology and XML complement each other perfectly. J2EE fully supports XML to offer simplified connectivity. Their expertise with XML integration will serve Cape Clear well as a vendor of J2EE technology."

    Cape Clear becomes one of 26 worldwide licensees of J2EE technology.

    "Cape Clear is integrating the J2EE standards into our CapeConnect product. We are committed to supporting Java technology and XML standards and will be participating in future J2EE standards through the Java Community Process(sm) program." said Andy Grove, J2EE Product Manager at Cape Clear.

    CapeConnect software delivers easy, automated generation of eXtensible Markup Language (XML) Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Web clients from J2EE and Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBATM) servers.

    "CapeConnect provides an ideal platform for implementing Web services in Java technology, as well as making it easy to expose existing Enterprise Java BeansTM (EJBTM) and CORBA components." said Grove.

    CapeConnect One is available for free download at An early access program for J2EE technology-based CapeConnect Two is available at

    About Cape Clear Software
    Cape Clear Software is automating the business Internet. With the CapeConnect XML business server, businesses can customize and automatically expose their application servers (J2EE and CORBA) as Web services. Business systems can then be linked across the Internet. Integration becomes as easy as editing a file. Cape Clear has offices in Dublin, Ireland, London, UK, and California, USA.

    About The Java Community Process Program For more information on the JCP program, the open, inclusive process for developing and revising Java technology specifications, reference implementations, and technology compatibility kits, visit

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    I like the fact that EJB's can be exposed as web services using SOAP. I believe that this is more important than is realised.

    my 0.02c worth
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    This is actually going to get standardized, look at JSR 109.