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XML & Web services: java.sql.SQLException: Io exception: Broken pipe

  1. I got this exception in the production twice in the same week and created a huge log file with the exception stack trace until the space available.As a result the production server went down.I was unable to start the production server due to lack of space on the mounted disks. I have deleted very old log files for making some free space and then able to start the production application server and run. I am using connection pooling to connect with Oracle 9i from weblogic 9.2 server. I am willing to know the root cause for this issue.I thought of simulating this issue by restarting the oracle database when the application server(weblogic) is still up and running with the old connection pools.But couldn't simulate the issue again? Can anyone share your ideas for the possible ways to replicate this exception. Your assistance in finding the root cause for this exception is much appreciated.

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    Hi, Were you able to find the root cause of the problem?