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EJB design: session and domain name problem

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    Hi , We have deployed our applcation on tomcat server built on struts framework. We have also set the domain name and are redirecting the domain name to Static Ip where our application is deployed with URL Masking option enabled. Everything is working fine in Firefox.But in IE6 and IE7 we are facing issues related to sessions. Example: it works when we access directly when i redirect this with a domain name(with URL masking enabled) like It does not work. I am not able to login into application(using sessions of this) or use shopping cart(using cookies) Cookies are getting disabled and there is no session maintainance. Is it problem with struts config or tomcat server? I am unable to take my application live because of this issue. Please help me to solve. Thankyou for your time and consideration
  2. Did you try this? Subramanian, Kumar [kumar at eminenttech dot com] J2EE Architect Eminent Technology Solutions (ETS) [] Software / Portals / Alfresco / Outsourcing / Proteomics
  3. the problem is not in my browsers but this is happening with everyone who is using IE and not with Firefox .We never faced this problem when we were accessing through static IP.This happens only when we are accessing through domain name.
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    hum... It looks like the network setting problem. i am not prety good at network. but the webserver should not forward the request to your application's IP based on the DNS setting.