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    Click 1.5 is production ready and available for download. This is biggest release yet with numerous new features, enhancements, documentation and examples. Click is a open source simple JEE web application framework for commercial Java developers, licensed under the Apache license. Click uses an event based programming model for processing Servlet requests and Velocity for rendering the response. (Note other template engines such as JSP and Freemarker are also supported). Check it out!

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    Congrats to the Click development team! I've always been fond of Click because it brings simplicity to component-oriented web development. You can get started in minutes and the learning curve is not overwhelming. Keep up the good work! Cheers, Freddy
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    I used for developing on online store and it worked like a charm. No learning curve. A breath of fresh air in the world of java where simple and intuitive is an insult.
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    I hope that incubation at Apache will be successful, you deserve it :-)
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    Hi Giuseppe, you beat us to our TSS post, but thanks for the message and support. To provide a bit more of a release summary. Click 1.5 is our biggest release yet with numerous new features, enhancements, documentation and examples. Some stand out features include: * Containers - enabling sophisticated programetic form layouts * ActionListener - to support for compile time safety when hooking up event handlers * Services - a pluggable service architecture for supporting alternative templating engines, loggers and configuration methods * FreeMarker templating engine support * Improved rendering performance across the board * Enhanced Table functionality including pluggable paginators and table footers There also a bunch of bug fixes, new examples and documentation: Also of interest is that Click has been accepted into the Apache incubator to become a top level project. So special thanks to the Apache crew, including the Apache Wicket and Struts people for their support :) regards Malcolm Edgar