dotCMS, Inc. ( is pleased to announce that dotCMS 1.6.5 is available for download. We've worked hard to make dotCMS 1.6.5 faster, more robust, more feature rich and easier to use. The new 1.6.5 version includes almost 300 improvements and fixes. Highlights of 1.6.5 include: Widgets!   o Widgets are reusable blocks of interactive functionality that can be used across your site.   o Widgets allow non-technical content editors to add mashed up and interactive functionality to their pages,   o Demo widgets include: Google Maps, Video Players RSS Feeds, Photo Galleries, Social Networking sharing tools and news feeds. Enterprise Features   o Deploy dotCMS on JBoss App servers.   o dotCMS can now be built as a .war file.   o Now uses enterprise quality JBoss Cache.   o JMX Debugging Major Performance Improvements   o Velocity Files cached in memory across cluster for speedier parsing.   o Solved a db deadlock issue that surfaced under specific load conditions.   o User Cache reduces back-end/administrative load.   o Precompiled jsps means shorter startup times when first installed.   o Removed over 20 unnecessary synchronized methods Simplified Installation, Configuration and Maintenance   o Single .jar for all databases.   o Patches can be distributed as a single .jar that can be dropped in.   o System Logging centralized and configurable.   o Moving forward, SQL upgrades and updates happen programmatically. webDAV file access   o Permission-based webDAV access to live and staging environments   o Makes your web developers happy with a rapid web development cycle - edit, save, refresh browser, repeat.   o Makes coding .css, .js and developing interactivity very easy. User Interface Improvements o Simplified Inline Editing o Less user confusion: new user interface cleanly distinguishes content from widgets/dynamic pulls. Web Form Improvements o Online webform builder allows end users to create forms without knowledge of HTML o Access to Web Forms Reports can now be permissioned. Other Improvements o CAS single sign-on integration o TinyMCE WYSIWYG upgraded to 3.1 o PDF export macro exports any page to a printable PDF. o Over 200 bugs fixed.