Enunciate 1.8 was recently released with support for JAX-RS annotations. This means that Enunciate will now be able to process your Web service API as defined by JAX-WS (for SOAP endpoints) and JAX-RS (for REST endpoints). If you already have your endpoints defined via JAX-WS and/or JAX-RS, it might be a good time to check out the additional features that Enunciate can provide:
  • Full User Documentation
    Enunciate will generate nice HTML documentation for your Web service API, scraped from the JavaDocs.
  • Client-Side Code
    The documentation will have links to download client-side code that Enunciate generated to be able to invoke your service operations via the Web service API.
  • WSDLs, Schemas, etc.
    The WSDLs and Schemas were generated by Enunciate from the source code, so they're consolidated, well-formatted, and documented.
  • Additional Endpoints
    Enunciate will publish your JAX-WS endpoints as GWT RPC endpoints and AMF endpoints (for Flex clients)
Enunciate 1.8 also added support for GWT 1.5 and a hefty set of bug fixes and minor enhancements http://enunciate.codehaus.org