Generating a PDF from XML using JSP's or Servlets


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  1. Hi all,

    I have an XML and using that doc I have to populate on pdf doc with datas from the XML using servlets or JSP's. Can anybody suggest me a method to do it.Pl be elaborate in your ideas.
    Its Urgent

    Thanx in advance
  2. I had the same requirement.
    I am using the package from
    All the related jars are in pj.jar file.

    What is actually to be done is that identify the Annots in the PDF file. Then map these to the data file, and in the PDF template file create new annots over the present annots with the data from the data file.

    It is working properly for text controls, but I have problems in using Chack box and radio buttons...

  3. try using XSL formatting objects. you can generate a pdf file from xml file. Refer to Inside XML by stephen holzner
    (riders publications)

  4. try using this:

    my experience with java/xml blows so i can't really offer you more than that =(