The environment we are using is: Tomcat 5.0 Hibernate3.0 Spring2.5 *osworkflow2.8.0* Quartz1.6.0 org.objectweb.jotm.UserTransactionFactory Based on the requirement, I need to schedule a job dynamically on the fly. The input (date & time) will be received from the user on when he would require the job to be fired. While doing this I am also updating the workflow by calling the do action method. I need to do all this in one transaction. While the workflow calls and other table updates are happening as part of the transaction, the quartz job scheduling is not. Even though an exception is raised, the quartz scheduler schedules the job and committed in the database instead of rolling back. Firing of job is working fine anyway because it is happening in a separate thread. Let me know what probably I am doing wrong or missing something. Regards sambathkumar.N