Hyperic HQ 4.0 Released - New Java Management Tools


News: Hyperic HQ 4.0 Released - New Java Management Tools

  1. While the new HQ 4.0 release is largely aimed at smoothing the monitoring and management process of large scale web operations across the datacenter, virtualized servers and cloud resources -- it does have some new goodies specifically for enterprise java application developers. A new tool called JMX MBean Query has been developed to help java web application performance monitoring be easier for developers and admins alike. Since HQ is a java application itself, this tool was developed as a way to help Hyperic engineers peer into and tune the performance of the HQ application itself. The JMX MBean Query tool allows you to search for MBeans, display their attributes, and invoke selected MBean operations on them. Integrated into the overall HQ Application, HQ will monitor the performance of your MBeans via JMX, and alert you of availability or health issues with a JVM resource or service. Then directly from the affected resource, you can use the JMX MBean Query tool to troubleshoot and resolve the problem, eliminating the need for additional Java tools like JConsole or command line utilities. The MBean attributes displayed in the JMX MBean Query tool are read-only; the tool does not support attribute editing at this time. In this version of HQ, support for MBean operations is limited to operations with one or no arguments of primitive or simple type, although Hyperic plans to continue investing in the tool in subsequent releases. For more information on HQ 4.0, check out the HQ 4.0 Release Notes.
  2. Congrats to the Hyperic team! We are evaluating its use within our NOC currently, and are extremely impressed with the insight the solution provides across our entire stack.
  3. Congratulations, great job - my download is already running. People from Germany/Austria/Switzerland can see Hyperic HQ 4.0 live at the upcoming SOPERA Roadshow starting next week. Armin Wallrab SOPERA GmbH - Open Source SOA
  4. How will that relate to JON ? Regards