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    Jarfinder is an online service for java programmers. We index a massive repository of jars files and provide an online interface to search by class or jar name. Since our launch in 2006 we've helped thousands of programmers resolve ClassNotFoundExceptions and other classpath issues. Following feedback from our users we've now made some major updates to the site. We now track class versions more intelligently. Searches show not only which jars provide classes with the same name but also which jars provide identical versions of each class. More information is now captured about each jar or class, including the version of the VM that was targeted when compiling. Ever joined a project with unknown jars on its build path? We've added the ability to search for jars by their md5 checksum, so even if jars have been renamed it's now possible to match them with a precise release. We have plans to build on these improvements with more new features in 2009 and are always happy to hear from users with suggestions.
  2. How about adding support to search like* and etc proprietary classes. Anyways, JarFinder is doing a great job helping developers :-). Regards amar
  3. Please, read my post about it