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    I am running WebLogic 5.1 on Win2K. While in the development stage I often make minor changes to beans and want to deploy them quickly without shutting down and restarting weblogic (I am NOT using J2EE standard EAR and WAR files, simply EJB JARS). I have tried running the GUI EJB Deployer Tool and have loaded and deployed a JAR file but I do not see the changes take effect. Hope someone has been able to accomplish this.


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    This is called hot deployment, can be done from weblogic console.

    To start weblogic console:
    Start - programs - weblogic5.1 - weblogic console

    File/Attach to weblogic Cluster, give the password

    Click on distributed objects - EJB- deployment units-commands-new deployment

    Give any name for 'deployment unit name' and the location of jar..

    Good luck !!

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    Thanks a lot it worked great!