Hi, I noticed that the area of web services management (management of web services) is not getting its fair share of attention... while management using web services has been given lots of thought and great progress has been made in its enablement, the management aspect seems to lag behind. There was an attempt made by the late WSDM MOWS, which apparently did not succeed so well, and there's the WS-Man. I'm not very much familiar with WS-Man, so I'm not sure what are its capabilities in this area, but lets take a simple example of how I see management and I need help in understanding how it can be done with existing frameworks. Assuming I have a service Foo with a single method moo(). From management perspective I would like to have an enable(boolean) method to enable/disable the service, and another interface configureSomething(int). I don't want to mix it with the service functionality, but I see it as an orthogonal aspect of the service, and I would like to be able to express it somehow in the service wsdl, as it is part of the service capabilities, just not a functional one, same way that policies are associated with the service (e.g. its cost, latency, etc.). Is there some expressive way of describing the web service management capabilities with existing frameworks? Can anyone refer me to such? Thanks, Zohar