I have two webservice, say A and B. I have created a handler for WS-A, as I want to modify the SOAP msg before it reaches to WS-B. For this, I have created a handler using javax.xml.rpc.handler.GenericHandler and implemented the method public boolean handleRequest(MessageContext arg0){} and configured this handler with proxy application installed at WS-A side to make a call to WS-B from WS-A. Now, the problem is I am not getting information in this handler pertaining to WS-A (i need it for some purpose like, host name where the handler is installed, web service name with which it is integrated, in my case it is WS-A) but of WS-B as the handler in this case is more related to proxy not WS-A.The method called by Server doesnt have WS-A related info in the MessageContext it has, even the HandlerInfo in init of this handler doesnt seem to help. Is there any way to have information available in this handler pertaining to WS-A, like webservice context, or web context or something like that which can provide me required info. Thanks,