How to access file from local system using ie 5 and applet


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  1. Hi Folks,
    please answer this querry.
    I have to access my local files using applets using Microsoft ie5(not through Appletviewer). By default the security permission won't allow this. u have to set it in the policy file. But in the case of IE 5 where it exists?.
    please give me the answer for it.
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    Prajeesh Kumar.G
  2. These permissions have to be set in microsoft vm settings for ie. you will have to make signed applet if you want to distribute it to wide public.
  3. The browser uses its own jre. That must be the directory where u installed IE. In the jre directory, there must be a folder Security. If it exists, inside that folder the security files exists it is java.policy. Make changes in that file, set permissions for ur file access, then ur applet will work fine.
  4. hi i am not able find any jre folder on my system in ie folder.
  5. Well,
    There is no directory in IE where you can define a Policy.
    But what you can do is go to JRE/LIB under jdk1.3 or whatever name you have given where Java is Installed.
    Then go to Security and then Open file
    where you can set the path of the Policy file you want to locate at run time.

    # The default is to have a single system-wide policy file,
    # and a policy file in the user's home directory.