Suggestions Needed -Using iText Library with higher performance


Performance and scalability: Suggestions Needed -Using iText Library with higher performance

  1. Actually I am using iText Library for Generating Statement PDF . But It is going Slower, after the Document Object becomes bulky. Can AnyBody Suggest me to make the Generation of PDF faster . I have to get the Customer Details and also the Transaction Details from the Database and also to Compute the Units and Amount also. Bench Maker: To Generate the 1,00,000 PDFs in One Hour. Details Database Server: Oracle 9i, App Server: Weblogic 8.1.4
  2. Any of the PDF generation libraries available in the market are pretty heavy in nature and consumes lot of memory. I personally feel pd4ml as a better PDF generation API than iText Also Try benchmarking with Apache FOP (Open-Source).
  3. Thanks For Your Comments Previously, I have Done with Apache FOP. It is Satisfying 75% of my Benchmark. But The Main Problem is in Apache FOP because of design for PDF documents. Since the Value of the Customer Name,Address are Dynamic, design of xsl is quite heavier task than Design of PDF documents in iText. I have also found that iText is consuming more memory than Apache FOP. But the Design is the Problem. Can i have Some more Comments and also Open Source Libraries Similar to above satisfying atleast 75% of the benchmark. Thanks, ashok We Have To Make It Happen!!