Project Fuji milestone 3 furthers the cause of GlassFish ESB


News: Project Fuji milestone 3 furthers the cause of GlassFish ESB

  1. Lots of exciting developments in the GlassFish ESB world; hot on the heels of the GlassFish ESB v2 release candidate with its enterprise features and commercial support we're also showing that we have more big plans for the evolution of this platform. With Milestone 3 of Project Fuji we give you the keys to test drive some of the platform enhancements we're working on for GlassFish and allow you to be an active participant in driving the direction. If you haven't been following Project Fuji closely you might be interested to know that there is both an "evolutionary" and "revolutionary" side; Adapters and Containers from v2 also are used in Fuji, and applications built in v2 deploy and run on Fuji. Where we're innovating is in looking at the productivity in every layer; ensuring we are tops in flexibility, agility and ease of use. Milestone 3 of Project Fuji introduces a (dare I say very cool) web based tooling option for composing services. Check out the Fuji Milestone 3 Screencast which shows how to use simple drag and drop in a browser to easily build the same scenario that was built in Milestone 2 via the domain specific language "IFL" for composing services. It's worth noting that the web tooling builds on top of the domain specific language and hence round tripping is easy; you can for example check out the project built in the browser from subversion and edit it in your IDE of choice, just as shown in milestone 2. This gets us one step closer to the mantra of Fuji: Productivity through flexibility, agility, and ease of use.
    • In terms of flexibility this expands your tooling choices
    • For agility you might notice the "automatically save and deploy" option which is one step towards our goal of making it very light weight to develop, test and correct your application as you go along
    • For ease of use the simple way of visually modeling enterprise integration patterns and simple properties dialogs go a long way
  2. The web based tool does look cool![ Go to top ]

    Congrats on the milestone release! I'm anxious to see what the final version of the web-based tool offers. It's nice to see projects moving away from Eclipse for interfaces like this. I think it really benefits the users. Flux - Java Job Scheduler. File Transfer. Workflow.