EJB 3.0 Client CallBacks (Like in RMI or CORBA)


EJB design: EJB 3.0 Client CallBacks (Like in RMI or CORBA)

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    is it possible to make ejb client callback like it is possible in RMI or CORBA? i want to call client from server, for example for logging out user, or sending message or something else. is there any pattern for it ? any idea will be appreciated, ___________________ Regards, Paata Lominadze, Magticom LTD.

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    i think that it is very useful to use JMS.
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    Hi, There are in principle three solutions to this problem: 1. The client creates a temporary JMS destination, it passes the JNDI name of this destination to the EJB and then the EJB can send a callback message to the JMS destination (the client listens to that one in a separate thread). 2. The client creates an RMI object (implementing java.rmi.Remote) and registers it with the EJB. 3. The client implements a JAX-RPC endpoint to which the EJB will send a SOAP callback message. Greetings, Sorin