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    Hi all, I am currently evaluating Glassfish as a viable replacement for an Apache/Tomcat configuration, but after some reading I feel somewhat lost. The main problem with Tomcat is its stability. It is used to serve about 30 webapps which use struts/hibernate and usually, after some time, we get OutOfMemoryExceptions, too many open files or it simply stops responding. Splitting the webapps between more tomcats does not solve the problems and makes management more difficult. Moreover, in order to really reload an app, the server has to be restarted, taking down all the others working apps. Will the switch to Glassfish solve the problems? Is v3 prelude stable or I have to stick to v2ur2?
  2. Jeachim, My name is Rajiv and I am the webtier architect for GlassFish and also the servlet 3.0 spec lead. Depending on your use case you could either use GlassFish v3 prelude or GlassFish v2ur2. v3 Prelude is stable. As for the OutOfMemoryException it is hard to predict whether that will happen on GlassFish or not since it could be coming from anywhere, starting from your app, to spring, struts or hibernate. I would recommend that you give it a shot and if you have any problems the GlassFish webtier team can be reached at webtier at glassfish dot dev dot java dot net or feel free to respond to this comment of mine. - Rajiv