Maven License Plugin 1.4.0 released


News: Maven License Plugin 1.4.0 released

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    Hi, Maven License Plugin is a Maven plugin that allows you to manage the license headers of your source files automatically by adding, replacing or removing them. The Maven License Plugin Team is proud to announce a new relase with a lot of enhancements and some bugfixes, including: * Ability to get a license file header from the project classpath, plugin classpath, file, url, ... * A lot of new header styles and new file extensions supported * Ability to customize license template, adding new styles and new extensions through the plugin options The plugin is available in our alternate Maven repository and should be available soon is the central maven repository. Website: MLP Team.
  2. Very nice. I like things like this. I could see running this plugin over code on the continuous integration server. Cheers, David - Flux - Java Job Scheduler. File Transfer. Workflow.