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    Hi, I am facing one problem. I am creating my DataBase Schema in MYSQL. Now when i defined the relationships using foreign key between the tables and when i describe my tables, it shows as MUL key. Doed MUL means a foriegn key. And when i am giving this table to a code generation tool it is not picking up the associated table for generation of code. Please help me.
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    Hi Rohan, As per my experience with mysql, it would be better if you do not create any relation(Foreign key). Well you can retrive the data using join without using any foreign key contraints. Just treat the column as forign key but do not declare it Foreign key. Regards, Abishek Singhal
  3. Thanks abhishek for reply. But will there be some problem if i will cerate relationships in mysql? Because parent child relationship is root of DB. So i think that foreign key relationships must be supported by DataBase. The thing is that i am using Middlegen to generate my hbm and Persistent objects. So it generates everything fine but it is not generating the associations between the tables.. Please help me..
  4. Hi Rohan, Please reffer this link Hope this will help to solve your query. ~Abishek