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    I have got Tomcat 3.2.1 on the Solaris box. I have got a directory called at under webapps directory. The problem is that when I start the tomcat server, my context at doesnt get loaded (I dont see the message Adding context Ctx( /at )).
    The examples and test context does get loaded. I even tried to put the at directory out of the webapp directory and defined in the context in the server.xml file. But the at context doesnt load.
    The real weird behavior is that, when I rename the test directory to test1, the test context is loaded.
    I tried all kind of things like, creating a war file of at, installing tomcat again. But can’t fix this problem. Even the log file is not created under logs directory.

    I am really having very tough time with this, your help here is highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

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    That does, indeed, sound like a very strange problem. Can you verify that the server.xml that you edited is the one that is actually loading? Try entering in some garbage into the server.xml file, or change the port on the Normal Http Connector section. Typically, server.xml is located in $TOMCAT_HOME/conf , and I don't really know of a way to modify its location. Also, verify that that the webapps directory you created your new context in and renamed the test context in is the real webapps directory. From person experience, I copied Tomcat from an old hard drive to a new one. I then started working on one of my web applications and saved some files. To my dismay, none of my changes were reflected. Why? Because I was still working in my old Tomcat directory =P. Anyway, have you tried making any HTML pages in any of the existing contexts? Finally, I would check the file permissions and be sure that it is readabale by Tomcat. Hope my trial-error suggestion helps. If not, I would run Tomcat off Linux =P jk.. Good Luck!