Creating easy and accessible reports is something that, in today's growing business of need for readily available information, is of great importance to many companies. There are many reporting software tool that achieve this purpose. Acuate, Crystal Reports, and Oracle, just to name a few. Another company that produces similar reporting software is Windward Reports. Windward has recently released a new tagging feature for reports done in Word and Excel to make it even easier to create reports quickly and easily. AutoTag 7, the newest version of Windward's tagging software, now includes the ability to prepare tags in Power Point. The idea to include PowerPoint among Word and Excel as AutoTag design platforms originated from growing customer demand. With AutoTag now available in PowerPoint as well, users can have the custom reports they give via PowerPoint presentations draw their information directly from company data sources. It will also allow users to create dynamic reports en masse and formatted as PowerPoint presentations. Windward has also added a new feature, called User Defined Tags, or UDTs, that allows users to design reports even with little or no knowledge of the underlying data source. This feature was created so that technical users can help make non-technical users’ jobs significantly easier by doing a one-time definition of tags in an XML file. More extensive information on all the additions and abilities of AutoTag 7 can be seen at