JPPF, the grid computing platform for Java, releases version 1.7


News: JPPF, the grid computing platform for Java, releases version 1.7

  1. - Servers are now automatically detected, removing the need to configure the server connection parameters when deploying nodes and clients - The administration console was enhanced for greater usability - Administration commands can now be sent to multiple nodes at once - The nodes' CPU usage can now be managed by setting the priority of the execution threads - Critical class loading issues were fixed in the J2EE JCA connector JPPF has many outstanding features: - a JPPF grid can be up and running in minutes - highly scalable, distributed framework for the execution of Java tasks - leverages JCA 1.5 to integrate with leading J2EE application servers - easy programming model that abstracts the complexity of distributed and parallel processing - graphical and programmatic tools for fine-grained monitoring and administration - fault-tolerance and self-repair capabilities ensure the highest level of service and reliability - a set of fully documented sample applications, demonstrating the use of JPPF on real-life problems - very flexible, business-friendly, open-source licensing - and more .... Try it for yourself on the JPPF Web Site.
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    Has anyone use JPPF in production ? or any Real Time scenario other than testing / home use.
  3. ... but that seems to be all ...
  4. Laurent Congrat for the new release. I look forward for seeing JPPF running with GigaSpaces Nati S GigaSpaces
  5. Hello Nati, I apologize for not answering sooner. I wanted to let you know that I have been successful in running JPPF within GigaSpaces. More work and testing remains to be done, however I am committed to delivering this integration in the next JPPF release. Thank you very much for your support and patience. -Laurent