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    Hi, I am trying to implement a web service using the MDB. The reason for choosing this approach is because web service is suppose to interact with MOM (Message oriented middleware) .MOM will expose a set of JMS request and response queues to the webservice method (point-to-point). The communication will asynchronous. The MDB on the web service side will listen to a request and response queue. The Listener MDB will fetch the soap enveloped message and suing a soap engine it will serialize the request to java object. The service will execute and MDB will write the soap response to the response queue. This design is supported in the IBM websphere . Do you have similar kind of design in the weblogic 9.2 .
  2. I personally do not support this approach since 1. The whole idea of MDB+Webservice does not sink in well together since they are meant for diff reasons. Although many vendors provide support. 2. Even if we decide to implement this arrangement, it will be lot simpler to write an adapter component that can read/write messaging queues (JMS/MQ etc) on one end and interact with Webservice on other. This will reduce your dependence on vendor specific configuration keeping your build simpler. At the same time, it would allow you to control the interaction between these two implementations (i.e. webservice and messaging). Providing quicker response while handling production issues. So please avoid this design and even if you want to implement it dont use 3rd party solution since home-grown solution is quite easy to implement.