Hey, you guys seem like bright, honest people. So why do you allow posts containing links to virus and hoax anti-virus? Specifically, the post by Tyronn Frentz on Dec 22, 2008 re Puget Sound contains a link to tds.ibestadult.info/in?4 which redirects to netsecurityonline.com. This site is a scam that displays a fake anti-virus scan and forces you to download software. It is listed on McAfee.com Site Advisor as a virus site. GET RID OF IT if you want people to take your site seriously. McAfee's remarks are, "Fake / misleading online scanner page distributing and promoting rogue "System Security": http://netsecurityonline.com/scan/index.php? which closes the browser window and reads: "Warning!!!Your computer contains various signs of viruses and malware programs presence.Your system requires immediate anti viruses check! System Security will perform a quick and free scanning of your PC for viruses and malicious programs." Even clicking "quit" it opens a fake javascript online scanner and a well imitated "Windows Security Alert" notification to scare and trick the user of PC infection. The final purpose is the sell of this fake security software. Note that the setup file of the fake security software is changed every couple of days to avoid being detected by real antiviruses as malicious. Got it?