GraniteDS 1.2 ships TopLink, EclipseLink and GlassFish support


News: GraniteDS 1.2 ships TopLink, EclipseLink and GlassFish support

  1. Hi all, Granite Data Services (a LGPL'd JEE server solution for Adobe Flex application developments and deployments) version 1.2.0 GA was released yesterday with new support for: 1. TopLink (used in GlassFish V2, Sun AS and Oracle AS) 2. EclipseLink (RI for JPA 2.0 used in GlassFish V3). 3. GlassFish (a specific security service based on a slightly modified Tomcat security service). The next version will come with OpenJPA (formerly WebLogic Kodo) and JPOX/DataNucleus support. Additionally, it will bring a specific security service for WebLogic application server, so you'll be able to deploy full featured Flex/GraniteDS applications in WebLogic servers. See more on Granite Data Services 1.2.0 GA release in GDS forum here: Best, Franck Wolff.

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    The next version will come with [...] JPOX/DataNucleus support
    What support will you be providing here ? For the JPA API alone? or for both JPA and JDO APIs? If you need any input in order to provide it for both let us know via our forum --Andy DataNucleus
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    I believe that the JPA vs. JDO question doesn't really matter here. Nucleus support in GDS (as well as Hibernate/TopLink/OpenJPA support) is only a detached object (de)serialization problem: how to send entities to the Flex client with metadata information so their initialization states may be reused at deserialization time in order to recreate a valid Nucleus object (with relevant a detached state and uninilitialized properties). There is already an alpha (beta?) implementation made by Stephen More (a GDS contributor). If you are interested in participating to this development, you're very welcome! Just post something about it in GDS forum (, I'm sure Stephen would be very happy to get some help from the Nucleus team. Best, Franck.