Sonar, Code Quality Management Platform, 1.5 released


News: Sonar, Code Quality Management Platform, 1.5 released

  1. The Sonar team is pleased to announce the release of Sonar 1.5 Sonar leverages well-known tools such as Checkstyle, PMD, Findbugs, Cobertura, Clover and JavaNCSS to provide an integrated and easy to use quality management platform. What makes Sonar unique is it capabilities to : 1. Present a project portfolio view to quickly get an insight of its health 2. Drill down recursively to projects, modules, packages, classes and view the code with different perspectives (code coverage, coding rule violations) 3. Add a time dimension to all metrics 4. Create new metrics from the basic ones Sonar integrates seamlessly the maven tools ecosystem and so any continuous integration environment. The latest release is now available here : - You can take a tour of latest features by looking at "sonar 1.5 in screenshots" : - Time Machine that replays the past to view of how metrics have evolved throughout time - Code coverage clouds to quickly identify project risks and quick wins - Code coverage details on source code viewer - Easy to use search engine on projects If you have any questions, please consult: - the web site: - the sonar-user mailing list: Sonar is released under the LGPL License, Version 3. Enjoy ! The Sonar team
  2. It looks like a CI Server ++. Is it?
  3. Sonar is not a CI Server but must be used WITH a CI Server (There is for instance a Hudson plugin for a closer integration between Sonar and Hudson). Let's say Sonar is a Quality Management Server which needs CI Server to schedule quality analysis jobs.
  4. Integration with Bug Tracking software? I never found this feature in any software of this kind. I think it would add a kind of "User Perceived Quality" perspective which, although not strictly related to code quality, of course, would be interesting