BFO integrate Java 6 Update 10 into their Java PDF Viewer


News: BFO integrate Java 6 Update 10 into their Java PDF Viewer

  1. Big Faceless Organization (BFO) has released Java PDF Library version 2.11.1, taking advantage of new features found in Java 6 Update 10 for running Java applets.

    The new PDF Library release improves integration of BFOs Java PDF Viewer applet with the clients desktop. Users can now drag the Viewer applet out of their browser to run as a standalone application and keep a link to it on their desktop. Windows and OS X users will find the menus and shortcuts match their user-interface design guidelines while OS X users can now use the system Keychain to digitally sign and verify PDF documents. The size of the PDF Viewer has also been dramatically reduced to just 650KB.

    CTO Mike Bremford says, "The new features and improvements in Java 6 Update 10 make applets better for end-users to use and easier for developers to deploy. If you haven't already done so then it really is worth upgrading to the latest version, which you can download from the Java Site.

    You can find a video of these new features here and find additional details and screenshots on the BFO Blog.

    Download a fully functional demo version of the PDF Viewer or test it out by visiting PDF Viewer applet

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    About BFO: BFO is a global resource of Java components for the international B2B market. Products include the Big Faceless Java Report Generator, Java PDF and Java Graph Libraries. The client portfolio includes Boeing, Siemens, Harvard University, HSBC, Fannie Mae, Roche, Toyota and the US Department of Energy.
  2. Please take a look at Windward Reports too. With Windward you design the reports in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. thanks - dave
  3. the article refers to a PDF Viewer so not entirely sure that a reporting tool is of any relevance Dave, but thanks for the interest :)