Hammurapi 5.7.0 release


News: Hammurapi 5.7.0 release

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    New features of Hammurapi 5.7.0 automated code review tool are listed in Release Notes. The most significant of them are:
    • New Java inspectors.
    • Performance improvements. Hammurapi 5.7.0 performed full review of 6000 files (110 Mb of source code) in about 7 hours on a Pentium dual core machine with 3Gb of RAM.
    • XML language module.
    • Access to JavaDoc comments in Java language module and JavaDoc inspector.
    • Installation framework for integrating third-party modules (packs) into Hammurapi installer.
  2. Hi, I Need Zipped version of Hammurapi 5.7.0 software(java code review tool) for installation as I am not able to download the exe file. Is it possible to get how to use this code review tool? and other related information. Thanks and Regards Nalin.