Communication between 2 Session beans


EJB design: Communication between 2 Session beans

  1. Communication between 2 Session beans (3 messages)

    I have a session bean for connecting to database(oracle 8).
    I want to call this bean from another session bean which houses some business methods.Since they are 2 separate EJB's,they have 2 separate JAR files which will be deployed.When I call the connection bean from this bean,it gives a JNDI error.Even if I include a refernce to the connection bean in the XML deployment descriptor of the other bean, the same error is occuring.
    Please brief me on how to call one session bean from another-esp the JAR and XML deployment file.
  2. As long as the jndi name is specified correctly, it shouldn't matter as to which jar file it is on.. Check your JNDI names..

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