On demand Log4j events in Firefox/Firebug console with LogDigger


News: On demand Log4j events in Firefox/Firebug console with LogDigger

  1. LogDigger add-on for Firefox (and Firebug) and accompanying servlet library allow you to read request-related Log4j log messages in Firefox. Servlet library v0.4 released today brings performance improvement changing application's logging levels only during request cycle from authorized clients. Visit http://logdigger.com/2009/02/09/servlet-library-v04-released for additional information about the update. General information, download and screenshots can be found at http://logdigger.com/ LogDigger 0.4 is free for both commercial and non-commercial use.
  2. This is a nice extension for QA/or maybe production -intranet environment(assuming you took care of any performance/security concern - as a result of this). I hunted the usage from the download page. I have used facestrace which achieves similar stuff - by having log4j appender eg net.sf.facestrace.logging.FacesTraceAppender. But it forces the output as a part of the page. The nice thing - with this is that its not a part of the HTML page - but disadvantage(or advantage ) is that it would force you to test with Firefox. Thanks, Zahid http://www.jroller.com/zahid