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    Hi ,

       I was just going through documents about clustering of servlet in Weblogic 5.1 . So far i have understand that , there is something name HttpClusterServlet in the webserver(s) [ where the client request first comes] which takes the responsibility to redirect the requets to the proper server in the cluster . HttpClusterServlet also encapsulate the logic of load balancing and looking for th secondary sever in case of fail of the primary one.

    Now my question is -
    what this HttpClusterServlet is ? is it a class provided by the weblogic ? which i need to just add in the properties file and rest of the things will be done automatically ?

    As i don't have a clustering license copy of weblogic , this area is not clear to me .

    please help me out

    thanks in advance

    ashim chakraborty

  2. It's a WebLogic class.

    I can't remember the details of WL licensing but if you have 2 servers with dev licenses you should be able to cluster them. I could be wrong here.

    Be careful though, HTTP clustering in WebLogic us not nearly as sophisticated as it is for EJBs.