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    NextReports is an Ad Hoc Query and Reporting tool. NextReports can connect to popular databases like oracle, mysql, microsoft sql server, derby. But it also can be extended to connect to any database for which there is a jdbc driver. Reports created with NextReports can be exported in html, excel, pdf, csv and tsv. It benefits of installers for Windows and Linux, and because it is written in Java it can be used on any platform which supports at least java 1.5. For that a zip archive is provided. There are installers with or without the jre, so you do not have to worry if you have java installed or not. Just use an installer with jre and you're ready to start. It has only a few jars dependencies and so the installer has a small size (an installer without jre has about 6MB). NextReports has a very easy learning curve. For that, an embedded Derby data base was added to the application, and a demo report can be used to understand the main functionalities. A manual and some basic tutorials will guide you through all the aspects. With NextReports creating reports can be a simple process. Even if you have no knowledge of what sql means, you can do your reports using a designer, only with drag and drop and mouse clicks. NextReports current version 2.0 was redesigned to allow for a better report layout and functionalities. The layout has a grid structure and in contrast with an xy Layout (at pixel level) for other tools, the user can work with it as easy as in excel.

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    A working online demo might help.
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    The demo consists of the 7 tutorials which will show you almost everything you may need to know about NextReports.
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    I have looked at most of the tutorial videos, but I have yet to see a single demo report! Please provide some examples of how the final reports will look like, otherwise I am not interested. You would not believe how many customers complain about reports that are not visually pleasing and hard to read.
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    Thanks for the reply. The result of the generated report depends obviously on how you design it (colors, padding, border, font, and so on). For the demo report contained in the installation file, you can see some results here Soon we will also add, on the nextreports site, a section for screenshots.
  6. If you are looking for a reporting package please also take a look at Windward Reports. With Windward you design the reports in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint so there is no learning curve. And if you are a student we've just released a free copy of Windward Reports. Use of this free copy is limited to students for student projects only. If you are a student, you can get it at thanks - dave
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    Sohbet Thanks for you.
  8. RAQ Report is a free java reporting tool. And Design interface of RAQ Report is similar to EXCEL. It's very easy to make report with it. You can download it at