In designer, report is usually designed in a specific format. Title is in the top center. Other relevant informations such as date, unit are on the right or left. However, when the report is a cross report with horizontal expansion, after expansion, the title may be at wrong position. Furthermore, if the report is too broad after expansion, it need to be broken horizontally. Users often hope the title and other relevant informations can be displayed on each page. Some reporting tools require users to realize these functions by programming. It’s too difficult and tedious. With non-linear report model, RAQ report only needs two steps to solve all these problems. 1. Select “Head Title” as the row properties of the title area. 2. Except for cells need to be aligned right or left, check Stretch as the Page Break property of other cells. Then, the report will be neat and beautiful. This post is from freezea's blog. You are welcomed cc it anywhere, and please indicate the source. If you would like to read more articles about reporting tool, you are also welcome to refer to my blog.