Sun bundles iPlanet J2EE server in Solaris


News: Sun bundles iPlanet J2EE server in Solaris

  1. Sun bundles iPlanet J2EE server in Solaris (12 messages)

    It's happened, just like with Corba (remember Visigenic). You can now get a J2EE server for 'free' with your operating system.

    Click here for the CNet article.
  2. Hmmm, contradicting article.... Will Sun bundle iPlanet w/ Solaris or won't it? I own BEAS, and I NEED TO KNOW! ;-)
  3. If you own BEAS you probably know their earnings are a few cents a share.
    I hope you don't hold BEAS based on elusive technical merits ...

    Whether Sun is bundling or not doesn't make that much differnce, Sun is falling like a rock, too .

  4. A few cents a share puts BEA in the top 5% in earnings of Internet companies! ;-)

    I wouldn't call WL's technical mertis elusive; they are currently a head above all competitors. Their future prospect way be a little more ominous, as competitors like IBM, Sun and Oracle definitely have more capital to throw into R&D.

    But I like to root for the trailblazer; the current situation of BEA is akin to Netscape 5-7 years ago. I just hope it stays ahead of the evil empires for a while!
  5. I wouldn't say so easy they're ahead above the competitors in the technical merits.
    They are quite a "legend", but I'm not sure if it's worth it.

    Nobody cared to really test them, it's all marketing hype against marketing hype.

    But a few cents a share is a few cents a share, and even if they double it it'll be ten cents a share.
    They'll make money only if they sell like Microsoft, they definitely look very good at selling.

    On the side note, they've just managed to waste a lot of my time with a standard web-app (no EJBs allowed) that deployed without one bit of change in three other containers and took a whole day and some modifications to be deployed in WL 5.1 SP 8.

    So maybe I am a little biased.

  6. Nobody cared to really test them, it's all marketing hype against marketing hype.

    We have evaluated all the big hitters before settling with WL.

    - Oracle, if anyone, is all market hype! (1 million dollars to anyone who proves it underperforms its competitors? Come on', they can't afford a competent QA and performance engineering team to prove this for themselves?) No thanks, I'll just stick with your db server please!

    - IBM only with its latest service pack can WS serve up ejb 1.1, jsdk 2.2, etc... WS has always been far behind the J2EE technological curve, and I don't see any improvements any time soon

    - Sun's iPlanet is slow and buggy.

    Our site,, runs on WL 5.8 sp8 and has been optimized to take advantage of all its strength. So no, I don't think WL is all market hype; with a competent engineering team one can actually develop a viable product on it!

  7. I wasn't saying about Oracle or IBM or IPlanet.
    Let them also be marketing hype.

    I'm saying it's all marketing hype because nobody has an objective comparison.

    I for myself can tentatively say that resin1.2.3 is better and faster (and at least 10 times cheaper).
    Of course I don't care about latest EJB features, as a matter of fact I don't care any EJB feature.

    Anyway, the real thing would be the TPC-W benchmark who everybody in the Java server market carefully avoids it .

    So I am very justified when I say it's only marketing hype.

    Who can tell me about any performance figures at all ?

  8. Uhm... you really included IBM on that list? They're not even J2EE compliant. You *have* to run the IBM VM to use their container and you have to use their VM to access EJBs remotely. Nice Job IBM!!!

    You missed ATG's Dynamo 5.1. It's container performs/scales better then all of those others.
  9. Let me console you that the rumour was aparently dismissed by Sun, and a lot of those stupid guys called "analysts" still rate BEAS as Strong Buy.
  10. Thanks Costin!

    For I would hate to see Sun repeating history of Microsoft by bundling App server along with OS...
  11. Its a rumor, BEA is way ahead of Iplanet with release of 6.0
  12. Sun denies report[ Go to top ]

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  13. Huh? The article basically states that Solaris & IPlanet WON'T be bundled together ...