Not long ago the notion of a tool that hides more of the program than it shows sounded crazy. To some it probably still does. But as Mylyn continues its rapid adoption, hundreds of thousands of developers are already part of the next big step in the evolution of the IDE. Tasks are more important than files, focus is more important than features, and an explicit context is the biggest productivity boost since code completion. This talk starts with look at the effect that tools have on our programming productivity. It then discusses how Java, OSGi, Eclipse, Mylyn, and a combination of open source frameworks and commercial extensions like Tasktop have enabled this transformation. It concludes with lessons learned for the next generation of tool innovations, and looks ahead at how we are redefining the "I" of the IDE. Watch the webcast: Less is More: Redefining the "I" of the IDE Read the blog post: W-JAX keynote and be more productive. Guaranteed.