Virtual Machinery have been selling their JHawk Java Metrics product for 10 years and have decided to celebrate by issuing a low cost version of the product, named with the ingenuity that we pride ourselves on - 'JHawk Lite'. This is just light on the pocket though - it has all of the major Java metrics - Halstead, Maintainability Index, CBO, RFC, Fan-In, Fan-Out, UWCS, LCOM etc, etc - you can find the full list of metrics and features here. Over the years JHawk has continuously evolved, particularly with input from our customers, and JHawk will continue to evolve to match changes in the Java language, new discoveries in the field of Java metrics and new requirements from our customers. JHawk Lite is available until March 16th at a special price of $24.95 (€19.95). The company also offers a no loss upgrade to any version of the full JHawk product; it will deduct the cost of JHawk Lite from the cost of the full license. You can find out more and download a demo version of JHawk Lite here. If want to find out more about Java Metrics our handy guide can be found here.