Background With the popularization of B/S mode, data input is transferred to web page gradually, and the most common requirements of data input are dynamic addition and deletion of row, and automatic computation. Dynamic addition and deletion of row means that users can add new rows or delete some existing rows when input data. Except for data, newly added rows should have the same properties with existing rows. Automatic computation means to compute some other cell values according to the cell values inputted by user. It can simplify data input and avoid wrong input. For an input report which allows dynamic addition and deletion of row, its automatic computation is more complex. The data of newly added rows need to be added to the expressions, such as sum(), count(), etc. While the data of deleted rows should be subtracted from them. Difficulty In html page, it is difficult to realize the automatic computation of input report with dynamic rows. While in C/S mode, it's easy to realize In pure html pages, only JavaScript is a universal reporting tool. In theory, writing automatic computation expression with JavaScript is feasible. But in real business, it is infeasible. Two main reasons are as follows: 1. As a script programming language, JavaScript's efficiency is relatively low. 2. The function of JavaScript is relatively weak. Writing versatile program to realize the function with it, the amount of code will be very big. Then, web page will be too big to download. Then, in order to realize the automatic computation with JavaScript, the only way is writing program according to specific condition. It means to write a piece of JavaScript code for each kind of report. However, this method has no commonality, and the workload will be too huge. Solution In order to reduce the workload of users, RAQ Report invented a new algorithm after intensive study. With this algorithm, users can realize the automatic computation of input report with dynamic rows easily. Easy Operation 1. Design the report. 2. Set Report style as Row report and set Input type as Input Report. 3. Write automatic computation expression according to business requirement. This post is from freezea's blog. You are welcomed cc it anywhere, and please indicate the source. If you would like to read more articles about reporting tool, you are also welcome to refer to my blog.