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    Hi all, I am new to J2EE I have done some basic J2SE development. Can any one here please tell me from where I should start learning J2EE? I downloaded a pdf file from sun's website in which they are trying to teach how to to make a J2EE application but they are not telling why they are particular steps. the application they are making is called "firstcup" may be you guys know about this... this is the project files link and this is the pdf link Your First Cup: An Introduction to the Java EE Platform these links are not helpful for me.. I need a basic start to learn J2EE any help would be highly appreciated!

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    Hello Waqas, First of all I think you should do some searching through the archives, because as far as I know this is the basic question of J2ee (aka J EE). When I first started, I used to write servlets, then started coding jsps, and then some frameworks. I also suggest you to learn some brief information on servlets and jsp. because every framework you see is based on servlets. Here are some links: But just get the brief information. Because we use frameworks instead of these technologies. I assume that you know the basis of the language, bu just in case be sure to read all these stuff. They are just the basics: And then you can select a framework to use, like struts, jsf, spring, seam and so... Depending on what you want to do. But I think you still have several months before you can end studying frameworks. Some recommended reading: Thinking in java : I think this is a must-read for every java developer. And start searching stuff.