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    mime-util is a small, fast, lightweight mime detection utility for java. It can be used standalone or within an application server as part of a JEE application. It is able to detect mime types from a java File, InputStream, URLConnection, byte array or string representing a file name. The project release notes, jar, sources and javadoc can be downloaded from the project web site at http://sourceforge.net/projects/mime-util/ This is the last release in the 1.x branch and has significant re-factoring to most of the existing classes as well as a host of new support classes and methods. This version has a new plug-able architecture for MimeDetector(s) and the existing code has been partitioned to create two default MimeDetector(s), ExtensionMimeDetector for determining the mime types from a file extension and MagicMimeMimeDetector which detects mime types based on the Unix magic mime files as used by the Unix file(1) command. For platforms that do not support the unix file(1) command, such as Windows, there is an internal copy that will be used. The old eu.medsea.util.MimeUtil class has been deprecated in favor of a more robust version in the eu.medsea.mimeutil package. This version has many new utility methods and some optimisations to previous methods. The original MimeUtil class is still available for backwards compatibility but the methods will most likely return different results to the previous version due to significant changes in the core utility. It is highly advisable that you refactor your application to be compatible with this new version. This version also has a new MimeDetector called OpendesktopMimeDetector that integrates with the Free desktop shared MIME database http://standards.freedesktop.org/shared-mime-info-spec/shared-mime-info-spec-latest.html. The implementation utilises the /usr/share/mime/mime.cache memory mapped file as a java memory mapped file thus it will withstand modifications to the database during run time without requiring a restart to your application. The mime-util team
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    very useful ,thanks a lot!