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    This release provides lots of bug fixes and a few enhancements for release 1.5. The main items of note:
    • Clean URLs are much more flexible. The enhanced code is much more adept at resolving a single ActionBean from several similar bindings, and when it is unable to do so it gives a very informative report of which bindings are in conflict. There is also new debug-level logging that warns of possible URL binding collisions at startup.
    • The stripes:form tag's "action" attribute is no longer altered when its value resolves to an ActionBean with a clean URL. When you set the "action" attribute, it will come out exactly as you set it. This one has frustrated several people so I'm sure they'll be happy to hear it is fixed.
    • Stripes no longer limits the HTTP method to GET or POST. We changed DispatcherServlet to override service(..) so any HTTP method should work.
    • The problem with clean URLs, Jetty and ;jsessionid= has been fixed.
    • We resolved some problems with autoloading classes in Tomcat with a security manager enabled.
    You can see the full list of changes here. Thanks to everyone who contributed by reporting problems, testing, submitting patches, updating documentation, etc.

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    I can not find it in maven repository yet. :-(
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    Thanks, great work. +1 Maven update.