From Genuitec, we've update MyEclipse Blue Edition to 7.1 with enhancements so that users can migrate back and forth between MyEclipse and RAD project structures to work with existing projects and infrastructure - without the pain of retooling or losing legacy code. Try it free for 30 days, link below. Most notable in this release is WSAD 5.1, RAD 6.x, RAD 7.x project enhancement support, including the new ability for WSAD/RAD users to enhance projects to fully work in both MyEclipse Blue and RAD. Alternatively, those looking to migrate their projects (even something on the level of EARs with modules) completely over to MyEclipse Blue Edition now have the ability to do so by using one simple wizard in MyEclipse Blue 7.1. Enhanced projects are also fully supported by existing deployment and server tools. More information here: Download here: Let us know what you think!