In what is likely the first-ever database benchmark conducted on an off-the-shelf mobile phone, McObject® has successfully deployed its TestIndex application on T-Mobile’s Android-based G1smartphone, to measure performance of the SQLite embedded database alongside McObject’s all-Java, open source Perst™ embedded database as the two perform typical data management functions. To support sophisticated features, applications running on mobile devices manage increasing volumes of complex data. Examples include location-based services (LBS) that rely on GIS data, MP3 players that index songs and playlists, and field sales and service applications that store enterprise data. Incorporating an off-the-shelf embedded database for these tasks reduces coding and QA, and improves reliability and performance. Given mobile phones’ typically limited processing resources, though, the chosen database must be highly efficient. McObject TestIndex benchmark application measures performance along the following parameters: * Insert – loading 10,000 simple records into the database (with string and integer keys, using two B-tree indexes) * Search – seeking these records via the indexes (there are 10,000 searches for random values in each index, so searching is performed 20,000 times) * Scan – performing two traverses (sequential scans) through all records using both indexes, so that records are sorted by integer key and string key * Delete – locate and remove all 10,000 records For benchmark details go to McObject's Perst blog on