Background For its outstanding advantages, drop-down box is common in the data input interface of Web report. However, usually it is only for selection. If drop-down box can be used for both selection and data input, it will be more useful. Difficulty To make importable drop-down box, difficulties below need to be solved. 1. Make a drop-down box which can be used for both selection and input. 2. Judge user's input is display value or truth value. 3. If user's input is display value, it needs to be matched to corresponding truth value. 4. Add a switch used to decide whether users are allowed to input a new value. 5. For multiple choices, it needs to provide controls like empty and check all. Solution According to users’ requirements in real business, RAQ Report provides a complete set of drop-down boxes. With RAQ Report, the only thing users need to do is checking needed options in the properties box of edit style. This post is from freezea's blog. You are welcomed cc it anywhere, and please indicate the source. If you would like to read more articles about reporting tool, you are also welcome to refer to my blog.