Problem with Apache Axis 1.4 response handler


XML & Web services: Problem with Apache Axis 1.4 response handler

  1. I am using Oracle JDeveloper I have written both a request handler and a response handler for calling a web service using Apache Axis 1.4. The request handler is working, but when the web service returns a soap fault, my response handler is not getting called (I have set breakpoints in both the "onFault" and "invoke" methods of the response handler, which extends "org.apache.axis.handlers.BasicHandler"). Any help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Jonathan Here is what my WSDD looks like:
  2. It is counter intuitive. If an exception occurs, onFault() on RequestHandler is invoked.
  3. Did you get solution to your problem?? I am facing the same, could you please share you findings..!!