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    Hi All, We have a lot of hbm files in our project so it takes a lot of time to create a session factory(we using hibernate as persistance mechanisim). So i am thinking that is there any way we can create a hibernate session factory on different machine and reffer it in our application using JNDI or any other thing so that it save our time to create sessionFactory. Thanks in advance for help.
  2. I go through many articles and found that this can be done by deploying the hibernate appliction on JBOSS server and binding sessionFactory to a JNDI name. Then we can use the sessionFactoty using JNP. I had a good article. Though i still have to try it. http://www.engfers.com/2008/08/07/exposing_accessing-jboss-jndi-objects_datasources-from-an-external-jvm/ If anybody has alerady tried it please help me in achieving this. Thanks alot in advance.