GraniteDS 2.0.0 beta1 brings many new features


News: GraniteDS 2.0.0 beta1 brings many new features

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    Granite Data Services version 2.0.0.B1 has just been released. It is a free, open source (LGPL'd) product. This version comes with a huge repackaging: a single archive ( provides all built libraries, sample projects for various frameworks (EJB3, Seam, Spring, Guice) and sources. The recommanded platform, in order to quickly test GDS technologies, is Eclipse 3.2+ and JBoss 4.2+: just import the zip into your Eclipse workspace, configure your JBoss server and build, deploy and play with the sample applications. Additionally, GDS 2 comes with fewer jars and swcs while supporting more frameworks and platforms, and code generator tools (Ant task and Eclipse builder) have been repackaged into a single jar you can just drop into your Eclipse plugins directory. A new Flex Seam booking sample is available ("seam-flexbooking" sample project), that shows how easy it is to build a Flex frontend with GraniteDS/Tide without changing anything to the services (Seam components and entities) layer. This sample application looks very much like the original JSF Seam booking UI and demonstrates Seam conversations support with GDS. Finally, Glassfish v3+ servers with TopLink/EclipseLink JPA engines, Weblogic 10.3+ servers with OpenJPA engine and DataNucleus 1.1+ JPA engine are now available with dedicated security services and lazy loading support. GDS main site is .
  2. i have been recently working for some time with blazeds, sorry for my ignorance about graniteds but how do you compare graniteds with blazeds ? does it exist in graniteds any support for hibernate lazy loading ?
  3. GraniteDS provides lazy-loading support from the beginning (2 years) for the Hibernate JPA implementation, and now for TopLink, EclipseLink, OpenJPA and DataNucleus as well. Further more, with its Tide client framework, it provides "transparent" lazy initializations: for example, an uninitialized collection will be transparently fetched if and when it is accessed in the client application (directly or via a binding). More generally, GraniteDS provides true Comet support (long-polling, Bayeux protocol) with its Gravity module, code generation tools that replicates your Java model into its ActionScript3 mirror (Ant task and Eclipse builder), strong integration with JBoss/Seam, Spring, Guice or EJB3 stateless/stateful session beans, and reduced (partly automated) configuration. You won't find these features in BlazeDS (or at least not developed at the same level). Of course, as the founder of GDS, my opinion might be bias ;-) Why don't you check by yourself? Regards, Franck.

  4. Of course, as the founder of GDS, my opinion might be bias ;-) Why don't you check by yourself?

    Regards, Franck.
    thank you very much. i will test it asap !