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    We frequently encounter users that have started using Artifactory and, while they are keen on using Nexus, it's not very easy to migrate from Artifactory and configure Nexus as a drop-in replacement. We noticed this pattern, and decided to create a Nexus Migration Plugin that will allow existing Artifactory users to take an Artifactory backup ZIP and restore all groups, repositories, users, and permissions to a Nexus instance. In this post, I'll walk you through the process, and I'll point you at the new Appendix we added to the Nexus book that covers the Nexus Migration Plugin. Here's how it works:
    1. Export your Artifactory Configuration to a ZIP Archive
    2. Download Nexus Open Source or Nexus Professional - Either one will work with the Nexus Migration plugin.
    3. Install Nexus
    4. Download the Nexus Migration Plugin
    5. Unpack the Nexus Migration Plugin in the Nexus Installation Directory
    6. Fire up Nexus and Launch the Artifactory Import Panel
    7. Point Nexus at your Artifactory ZIP Backup
    8. Customize the Import Settings
    9. Click Start Import...
    Once you've completed that process, you'll have a drop-in replacement for Artifactory, and we've even gone so far as to create intelligent rewrite rules so that the same URLs will work under your new Nexus installation.Migrating from Artifactory to Nexus is now extremely easy if you want to take Nexus for a test drive!You can download the migration tool here: http://nexus.sonatype.org/downloads/ . Download nexus-migration-plugin-packaging-1.0-webapp.zip and unpack this archive in your Nexus installation directory. For more information and documentation, see the Artifactory Appendix in the Nexus Book.We are happy to answer questions and help users migrate on the Nexus user mailing list. NOTE: The migration will only work with Nexus 1.3.1+

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  2. Let the maven repo solution WAR begin. First move by Nexus.
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    Artifactory has been serving us perfectly for the last year and a half and we found it to be both simple to administer and feature-rich, so I do not see any real reason why anyone would really want to move. I was hoping to find some real advise and seem to get marketing...