How complex beans are populated in the action?


Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: How complex beans are populated in the action?

  1. Hi, I've the following pb: I've a "Preson" object (firstName, lastName, Adress). The Adress is another object (city, country, zip, ...). Person: firstName lastName Adress: City Country zip In my sumbitting form, I've, for example : When I submit my form, in the Action (which is an ActionSupport), my bean Person is instanciate, and attributes "firstName" and "lastName" are populated. But, my su-object Adress is always null, so "" is not filled. My question is: How to do to make SubObject be instanciated to be filled automatically? Regards. Francillo

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    Pb is solved: My INPUT (which is in fact a custom advanced struts component written in javascript) did not use the name as the attribute name to forward to the request, so, nothing in the action .... and adress not instanciated because Struts keep object null if not referenced a least 1 time. rgds Francillo