A new version of the NextReports Ad Hoc Query and reporting tool is available : http://www.nextreports.ro NextReports can connect to popular databases like oracle, mysql, microsoft sql server, derby. But it also can be extended to connect to any database for which there is a jdbc driver. Reports created with NextReports can be exported in html, excel, pdf, rtf, csv and tsv. Besides resolving bugs and adding some eye-candy , version 2.1 brings also some new features. The most important are : 1. - Support for an 'or criteria' in designer 2. - Undo / Redo for report layout actions 3. - Export to RTF 4. - Apply a template on any loaded report (not just through wizard) 5. - An action to restore docking layout to default 6. - Report export directly from explorer tree without explicitly open the report 7. - Import data sources, queries and reports from an older version For full release notes please view http://www.nextreports.ro/index.php/download/156.html A note has to be done on how easy is to integrate NextReports. In your applications, running reports generated from NextReports is a very simple process to implement. The following lines are self-explanatory : FileOutputStream stream = new FileOutputStream("test.html"); FluentReportRunner.report(report) .connectTo(connection) .withQueryTimeout(60) .withParameterValues(createParameterValues()) .formatAs(ReportRunner.HTML_FORMAT) .run(stream); Updated tutorials are available at http://www.nextreports.ro/index.php/documentation/movies.html We thanks a lot to all the people who sent us feedback on next_support at asf dot ro and we encourage you to do the same in the next future. It's easier now, because from now a forum is up and running at : http://www.nextreports.ro/index.php/forum.html. Feel free to post your thoughts and encountered problems here.